Top Object Detection Models

State of the art object detection models to localize subjects in images. From YOLOv5 to MobileNet, we have the most popular models in easy to use formats.
Deploy select models (i.e. YOLOv8, CLIP) using the Roboflow Hosted API, or your own hardware using Roboflow Inference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What models are used for object detection?

The YOLO family of models (i.e. YOLOv7, YOLOv7) are commonly used in object detection use cases. YOLO has been developed and refined over a years-long period and is still in active development. The latest model, YOLOv7, achieves state-of-the-art performance on object detection in the MS COCO dataset. Other models like Detectron2 and EfficientDet are also used in object detection.

What are the use cases for object detection?

Object detection has many use cases, including:

  • Identifying whether someone is wearing the requisite safety equipment in a controlled environment (i.e. a construction site or a medical area).
  • Finding objects on a road to help guide an autonomous car.
  • Identifying animals in a wildlife reserve.
  • Counting pills to be dispensed into bottles for pharmacies.

What is object detection?

Object detection is a computer vision solution that focuses on identifying the location of objects in an image or video. Each identified object is assigned a label that represents its contents. Using object detection, you can also count the number of times different objects appear in an image.