Transform raw images into a trained computer vision model in minutes.

Replace ad-hoc code with production infrastructure
Load datasets into any framework with 2 lines of code
Eliminate common errors that harm model performance

Extract, Transform, Load For Computer Vision

Roboflow provides the key infrastructure between labeling and training that developers previously had to build themselves.
Roboflow eliminates the custom code for processing datasets and connects your labeling tools with your machine learning training pipeline.
Labeling a Raccoon in various tools (Scale, LabelBox, RectLabel)

Label with Any Tool

Whether you outsource the labeling of your object detection data or do it yourself, upload your annotated images from the industry's most popular labeling tools in any supported format.
Roboflow Preprocessing and Augmentation

Process in Roboflow

With Roboflow, you won't need to write ad-hoc code to prepare your datasets for training. Plus, you get more than just file conversion. Our assessment tools help you identify errors that could potentially degrade the quality of your datasets.
  • Assess Annotation Quality
  • Fix Unbalanced Classes
  • De-duplicate Images
  • Visualize Model Inputs
  • Version Control Datasets
  • Share With Teammates
Roboflow export formats (tfrecord, COCO JSON, Darknet TXT, VOC XML, Tensorflow CSV)

Train in Any Framework

Choose from a dozen different formats when exporting your training data. Experiment with different tools and workflows without feeling boxed in.

We help innovators like you apply computer vision.

Roboflow Pro

Move your team beyond experimentation and start deploying real applications into production
Outsourced Labeling Integrations
Roboflow Pro integrates directly with the top labeling providers and our experts can share insights into the pros and cons of each service.
Direct AutoML Integrations
We have benchmarked the major cloud vision AutoML tools and can help you identify the best option for your model, budget, and performance needs.
Advanced Transformations
Enhance model performance with advanced preprocessing and augmentation techniques based on the latest computer vision research.
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