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The largest resource of computer vision datasets and pre-trained models.

350 million+
Pre-trained Models

Creating datasets is time-consuming and expensive, and has ended many computer vision projects before they ever started

Search 200,000+ datasets for any use case
Explore and analyze datasets containing 150 million+ images

Search Datasets

Collections of datasets and pre-trained models for specific use cases

Search and filter for relevant projects to find the best resources

Evaluate the health of datasets or accuracy of models before using them

Tools to make machine learning easy to use in your applications

Deploy with 50,000+ pre-trained models
Test prototype models in the browser and use available APIs in production

Find models

Try a model in the browser using image or video data

Use infinitely scalable cloud APIs with SDKs and code snippets directly in your application

Run directly on edge devices (NVIDIA Jetson, Raspberry Pi) using the open source Roboflow Inference Server

Roboflow Universe is designed to be the home of high-quality datasets and pre-trained models for every problem

Our goal is to democratize the power of computer vision for everyone by
Making advancements in computer vision accessible to software developers and machine learning engineers
Making datasets available to be used for research and benchmarking
Making it easy to deploy models into production with a few lines of code
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Explore the largest resource of computer vision datasets and pre-trained models