Increase Production While Decreasing Errors

An End-to-End Solution Used in Manufacturing

Roboflow powers best-in-class computer vision solutions for top manufacturing enterprises.

Improve Product Quality and Worker Safety

From predictive maintenance and package inspection, to reducing defects and improving worker safety, computer vision is supercharging the manufacturing industry
Interior of smartphone showing circuit board, with bounding boxes around components
Defect Detection
Track and Trace
Two manufacturing workers wearing PPE, with bounding boxes around their hard hats
Safety Compliance
Gauge Reading

Produce a Trained Model in Hours, Not Weeks

Roboflow seamlessly integrates with the most popular labeling services and training tools

Speed Up Production Lines

Harness computer vision to quickly detect product and packaging defects. By minimizing recalls and improving product quality, computer vision can help you boost your bottom line.
Ball bearings in production line, with bounding boxes around the ball bearings

Robotics + AI + Computer Vision

By combining computer vision with the power of artificial intelligence and robotics, we can help manufacturers utilize machines to pick, place, assemble, and provide quality control.

Continuously Improve Your Model After Deployment

As a centralized management tool for your datasets, Roboflow allows you to deploy your model and scale it as you collect more data. Easily detect and categorize types of defects, adjust configurations, and experiment with different labeling and training services.

Improve Model Quality With Less Data

Roboflow is specifically designed to create more accurate computer vision models using fewer images
Static Crop
If activity only occurs in a portion of the camera frame, you can crop your images to only show the active areas. This can dramatically speed up training time by cutting out excess pixels.
Generate augmented versions of your source images to simulate different lighting conditions, camera angles, or contrast setting. Create more training data without uploading more images.
Version Control
Dataset versions allow you to conduct rapid experimentation with various labeling and training tools. Adjust settings, generate export, and go.
Advanced Health Check
Helpful charts that provide insight into the quality of your dataset and how to improve it, including a breakdown of class balance, dimension insights, and an annotation heat map.

SOC2 and PCI Complaint

Roboflow adheres to strict security and privacy standards. Our organization holds SOC2 Type 2 certification and PCI compliance.
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