The Future of Transportation is Computer Vision

Make Transportation Safer and More Predictable

Computer vision makes it possible to automatically extract insights from massive amounts of video and image data. Officials can be alerted to patterns and events that need their attention. Maintenance technicians can be notified of infrastructure that needs to be repaired. Travelers by foot, road, or rail can move about more safely and efficiently.
Monitor Pedestrians and Foot Traffic
The back side of a white car, with a bounding box drawn around the license plate.
License Plate Reading and Matching
Monitor Road and Infrastructure Conditions
Predict and Mitigate Real-Time Traffic Issues

Produce a Trained Model in Hours, Not Weeks

Roboflow seamlessly integrates with the most popular labeling services and training tools.

Quickly Detect Patterns and Improve Transportation Infrastructure

Computer vision can replace error-prone manual video analysis and make real-time suggestions and decisions. Leverage computer vision to improve traffic flow, adjust public transportation or freight schedules, and receive traffic jam and collision alerts.

Collect Image and Video Data for Training

Automatically convert video and image data collected from roadside and vehicle cameras into actionable insights to improve the experience and safety of those in transit. Using Roboflow Annotate, you can begin labeling and training your own computer vision model today, or outsource these tasks to your preferred annotation service.

Continuously Improve and Scale Your Model After Implementation

As a centralized management tool for your datasets, Roboflow allows you to deploy your model and scale it as you collect more data. Easily detect and categorize objects and patterns, adjust configurations, and experiment with different labeling and training services.

Improve Model Quality With Less Data

Roboflow helps you get the most out of your training data.
Public Datasets
If you don't have your own imagery, you can still experiment with computer vision. Roboflow hosts dozens of public datasets, including a Self Driving Car object detection dataset that contains thousands of images of cars, bikers, pedestrians, and traffic lights.
Labeling and Training Integrations
We integrate directly with the most popular labeling and training services. This provides you with flexibility when it comes to implementing your model on various devices.
Create more training data without uploading more images. Simulate weather and lighting changes with different contrast levels and degradation. This generated training data improves the accuracy of your model.
Dataset Health Check
Get insight into the quality of your dataset and how to improve it, including a breakdown of class balance and dimension insights. The annotation heatmap indicates how accurately your images have been labeled.

Ready to revolutionize transportation with computer vision?