Learn Computer Vision

Computer vision (also called machine vision) is one of the most exciting frontiers in computing. With computer vision, anyone with the right skills can solve problems that used to take years of research to solve. You can build a model to detect defects in products, to identify wildfires, or to detect the wildlife in a given area. If a solution benefits from identifying or tracking objects in video or finding objects in an image, computer vision can be helpful.

Here, we have curated our best free learning resources into a Roboflow Computer Vision Course to help you start learning computer vision.

Getting started

Learn the fundamentals you need to understand computer vision and create your first model.

Expand your knowledge

Keen to learn more? Check out the learning resources below to dive deeper into computer vision and the Roboflow platform.

Deploy computer vision models

Learn how to deploy a computer vision model into production using various methods.


Explore what other people have built with computer vision to help you see what is possible.

Continue your learning

Extend your knowledge with more resources on our blog and YouTube channel.

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