Top Keypoint Detection Models

Keypoint detection models identify specific keypoints in an object (i.e. joints on a person, joints on a robotic arm).

Frequently Asked Questions

What models are used for keypoint detection?

There are a range of models available for use in keypoint detection, from YOLOv8's pose estimation model to YOLO-NAS' pose model.

What are the use cases for keypoint detection?

Keypoint detection models are useful when you need to know the coordinates of exact points in an object. You can use these coordinates to calculate information about an object, such as how two points relate. For example, you can calculate whether a person has their arms stretched out.

What is keypoint detection?

Keypoint detection is a computer vision model type that aims to identify specific points in an image. For example, you can detect points on a person (i.e. knees, elbows, feet), or points on a robotic arm (i.e. the base, each joint). When used to refer to a person, keypoint detection may be described as "pose estimation".