YOLOv8 PyTorch TXT

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Below are pre-configured models that use the
YOLOv8 PyTorch TXT
data format

What computer vision models use YOLOv8 PyTorch TXT?


YOLOv8 Classification


YOLOv8 Instance Segmentation




models all use the

YOLOv8 PyTorch TXT

data format.

To see our entire list of computer vision models, check out the Roboflow Model Library.

Each image has one txt file with a single line for each bounding box. The format of each row is

class_id center_x center_y width height

where fields are space delimited, and the coordinates are normalized from zero to one.

Note: To convert to normalized xywh from pixel values, divide x (and width) by the image's width and divide y (and height) by the image's height.

1 0.617 0.3594420600858369 0.114 0.17381974248927037
1 0.094 0.38626609442060084 0.156 0.23605150214592274
1 0.295 0.3959227467811159 0.13 0.19527896995708155
1 0.785 0.398068669527897 0.07 0.14377682403433475
1 0.886 0.40879828326180256 0.124 0.18240343347639484
1 0.723 0.398068669527897 0.102 0.1609442060085837
1 0.541 0.35085836909871243 0.094 0.16952789699570817
1 0.428 0.4334763948497854 0.068 0.1072961373390558
1 0.375 0.40236051502145925 0.054 0.1351931330472103
1 0.976 0.3927038626609442 0.044 0.17167381974248927

The `data.yaml` file contains configuration values used by the model to locate images and map class names to class_id's.

train: ../train/images
val: ../valid/images

nc: 3
names: ['head', 'helmet', 'person']
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