QwenVL vs. GPT-4 Vision





are commonly used in computer vision projects. Below, we compare and contrast





  QwenVL GPT-4V
Date of Release
Model Type Multimodal Model Object Detection
GitHub Stars 1900

We ran seven tests across five state-of-the-art Large Multimodal Models (LMMs) on November 23rd, 2023. GPT-4V passed at four of seven tests and Qwen-VL passed at five of seven tests.

Here are the results:

Based on our tests, QwenVL and GPT-4V both perform well on multimodal tasks. Both model spassed slightly different tests. But, we encourage you to run your own analysis and experiment with different prompts to explore the strengths and weaknesses of each model further.

Read more of our analysis.

Download the raw image results from our analysis.


Qwen-VL is an LMM developed by Alibaba Cloud. Qwen-VL accepts images, text, and bounding boxes as inputs. The model can output text and bounding boxes. Qwen-VL naturally supports English, Chinese, and multilingual conversation.

How to AugmentHow to LabelHow to Plot PredictionsHow to Filter PredictionsHow to Create a Confusion Matrix

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Compare GPT-4V to other models

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