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Search, curate, and manage visual data

Bring images and video from your own buckets in 40+ annotation and image formats via API
Filter, tag, segment, preprocess, and augment image data by metadata, train/test split, or location of image
Track multiple versions of datasets for experimentation
Use text-based semantic search and CLIP vectors to find similar data and anomalies

Designed for ultra fast labeling in the browser

Use pre-trained models and SAM to automatically apply labels
Speed up manual annotation workflows with AI-assisted labeling
Auto-annotate API automatically labels large batches of data programmatically
See a history of all changes made to an image

Tools to build accurate models

Develop, improve, and manage the lifecycle of all models in your organization
Train custom models on our hosted GPUs to save time and money
Bring your own model, leverage foundation models, or start with any of the 50k pre-trained open source models in Roboflow Universe
Distill foundations models, like BLIP, DETIC, CLIP, and more to your custom data and smaller models to improve latency

Scalable, high-performance edge and cloud deployment

Managed infrastructure to use your custom model or a foundation model as a hosted API endpoint
Deploy anywhere including NVIDIA Jetson, iOS, OAK cameras, Raspberry Pi, the browser, your own cloud, and more
Device-optimized containers and field-tested SDKs to run offline or online in real-time
Load balancing, burst and no burst, and always on without any custom engineering work

Manage annotation projects across multiple work streams

Project management made easy with job assignment, labeling instructions, and notifications
Streamlined workflows to review, approve, comment, or reject annotations
See metrics for your labeling operation by stage, job, labeler, and reviewer
Secure role-based access keeps your data safe

Use foundation models in your pipeline and fine-tune them with your data

Use models from OpenAI, Meta AI, and thousands of top open source repositories.
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Organize visual data with CLIP vector embeddings

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Automate labeling with zero-shot generalization using Segment Anything (SAM)

decorative interior with wicker furniture and houseplantsdecorative interior with wicker furniture and houseplants with segmentation mask overlay

Deploy foundation models, like SAM and CLIP, via hosted API or at the edge

Image and Video Databases
Google Cloud
Annotation Formats
Amazon Rekognition
SageMaker Ground Truth
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Integrate into any part of your pipeline

With open APIs, SDKs, integrated developer tools, and rich documentation, you can customize, automate, and extend your pipeline to other applications.
Edge and Cloud Deployment
Raspberry Pi
Luxonis OAK
Training Frameworks
Azure Vision Training
Google Colab
Hugging Face

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Tools for each stage of the computer vision pipeline that will streamline workflows and supercharge productivity.

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git clone https://github.com/roboflow/quickstart-python
cd quickstart-python && ./setup.sh
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import roboflow

rf = roboflow.Roboflow(api_key='')

project = rf.project("ID")

# Upload an image to Roboflow

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  • Compliant with SOC2 Type 2 requirements
  • All data is encrypted in transit and at rest, with SSL transport receiving a grade A+ rating from Qualys
  • Hosted on the Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services
  • HIPAA Compliant infrastructure, including the ability to execute BAAs
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