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Use the OpenAI CLIP zero-shot classification model to classify images. This block accepts an image and a list of text prompts. The block then returns the similarity of each text label to the provided image. This block is useful for classifying images without having to train a fine-tuned classification model. For example, you could use CLIP to classify the type of vehicle in an image, or if an image contains NSFW material.

Clip Comparison

Compare CLIP image and text embeddings.
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Each block can receive inputs, execute code, and send outputs to the next block in your Workflow. You can use the drag-and-drop UI to configure connections and see the JSON definitions of what’s happening behind the scenes.
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You’ll receive an output of the final result from your Workflow and the format you want it delivered in, like JSON. Once your Workflow produces sufficient results, you can use the Workflow as a hosted API endpoint or self-host in your own cloud, on-prem, or at the edge.

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Connect models from OpenAI or Meta AI, applications like Slack or Pager Duty, and logic like filtering or cropping.
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