Use OpenCV

Draw a Circle with

You can draw circles using OpenCV using the method. The method returns an image on which a circle with the specified dimensions has been drawn. You can customize the colour of the circle, the thickness of the line, and the radius of the circle.

image =
	image, # the image on which you want to draw a circle
	(120, 50), # centre coordinates
	10, # radius of circle
	(255, 0, 0), # color
	1 # thickness of circle

Next steps

OpenCV can be used with the open source supervision Python package.

supervision provides an extensive range of functionalities for working with computer vision models. With supervision, you can:

1. Process and filter detections and segmentation masks from a range of popular models (YOLOv5, Ultralytics YOLOv8, MMDetection, and more).
2. Process and filter classifications.
3. Compute confusion matrices.

And more! To learn about the full range of functionality in supervision, check out the supervision documentation.