Use OpenCV

Convert PIL Image to cv2 image

You can convert a PIL image to a cv2 image in one line of code. This involves creating a new NumPy array and, often, shuffling the channels of the PIL object from RGB (the format commonly used with PIL) to BGR (the cv2 format).

To convert your image, use the following code:

pil_data ='Image.jpg').convert('RGB')
image = numpy.array(pil_data)[:, :, ::-1].copy()

Next steps

OpenCV can be used with the open source supervision Python package.

supervision provides an extensive range of functionalities for working with computer vision models. With supervision, you can:

1. Process and filter detections and segmentation masks from a range of popular models (YOLOv5, Ultralytics YOLOv8, MMDetection, and more).
2. Process and filter classifications.
3. Compute confusion matrices.

And more! To learn about the full range of functionality in supervision, check out the supervision documentation.