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Author a post, and share your work with Roboflow blog and newsletter readers.

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Additional training credits and increased account limits are available for research and education.

Academic institution email address required.

Contribute to the Roboflow Blog

Share your work with Roboflow blog and newsletter readers. Roboflow accepts content contributions showcasing computer vision projects, research, applications, guides, explanations, insights, and tutorials. The contribution process is collaborative so our team will help work with you on your content, provide feedback, and support if you run into issues during your project.

We have a strong preference for showing, not telling. Our goal is for readers to be able to immediately implement and apply what they learn into real-world applications. 

Work with us to help democratize computer vision!

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Apply for Credits

Academic institution email address required. Apply for increased account limits, up to 100k images or 25 train credits. This offer is only available if your work is non-commercial and related to research, academia, or open source projects.

Students and teachers using Roboflow in the classroom are encouraged to contact us for help developing course materials or ensuring account access meets the needs of your class. Hobbyists working on projects can earn additional image and training credits by sharing work in blog posts, videos, forum discussions, and more.

To Apply for Research Credits, login or create a Roboflow Account, create a Public Workspace, then go to Settings > [Your workspace] > Plan & Billing to choose expanded Training access or increased Image limits.

All workspaces with Research Credits must maintain public data and models. If you require a private workspace, please reach out to for discounted pricing.

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