Roboflow & AWS: Working together to democratize computer vision

Roboflow & AWS are on a mission to put computer vision in the hands of everyone

Roboflow powers all its computer vision model training on AWS behind Roboflow Train

Roboflow offers an AutoML product called Roboflow Train. It is the easiest way to train and deploy a state of the art object computer vision model on your custom dataset.

Using AWS under the hood for all our customer training allows us to scale up seamlessly to thousands of training jobs simultaneously, allowing us to achieve all capacity requirements for our customers.

Production deployment & inference powered by AWS through Roboflow Deploy

Once you've trained a model on Roboflow through Roboflow Train, you can get predictions wherever you need them without hiring a dedicated ML-Ops team. Your model runs everywhere you need it, automatically. Running Roboflow Deploy on AWS allows our users to receive predictions from their models at scale. Using AWS allows our users to not have to worry about the dev-ops; our endpoints have been battle-hardened to handle even the most demanding workloads.

Unmatched performance for ML workloads

More Machine Learning happens on AWS than anywhere else. More customers, across a diverse set of industries, choose AWS compared to any other cloud to run their ML workloads. AWS delivers the broadest choice of powerful compute, high speed networking, and scalable high performance storage options for any ML Initiative.

Partners in the ISV Accelerate Program

Roboflow is an AWS ISV Accelerate partner. This means we work closely with customers who use AWS to develop tailored, joint solutions for making the most of Roboflow and AWS infrastructure.

We're a Member of the AWS Global Startup Program

AWS partners with businesses capable of meeting the needs of enterprise customers to help go-to-market, accelerate existing deals, differentiate product solutions, and more.

AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that customers can use to find, buy, deploy, and manage third-party software, data, and services to build solutions and run their businesses. You can now purchase the Roboflow Platform directly from the AWS Marketplace.

Roboflow’s GitHub Repository now supports SageMaker Studio Lab

Roboflow's new GitHub repository of tutorials is a great place to experiment with computer vision. You can now open these tutorial notebooks in Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab - a free machine learning development environment that provides the compute, storage, and security—all at no cost—for anyone to learn and experiment with ML.

SageMaker Studio Lab just announced a new feature at AWS re:invent that allows you to take these development notebooks written in SageMaker Studio Lab, and schedule them to move in your AWS account managed by full Amazon SageMaker. This extra capability of Studio Lab lifts the limits of the kinds and sizes of projects you can achieve.

“Our Roboflow GitHub repository provides tutorials and datasets to teach developers how to leverage computer vision models,” said Mark McQuade, head of Partnerships and Field Engineering for Roboflow. “The notebooks can run anywhere, but the new capability to automate notebooks as jobs makes SageMaker Studio Lab compelling. Now customers can scale their notebooks by launching it in their own AWS account with any instance type without changing a single line of code.”

Benefits & Features

Complete workflow—from image to inference
  • Annotate/label
  • Data management and versioning
  • Train a model
  • Deploy a model
Ease of use
  • Upload API
  • Easy to use GUI for labelling/annotating
  • One-click model training
  • One-click deployment
Community of active practitioners 
  • Over 100k developers using Roboflow Platform
  • Over 100k developers using Roboflow Universe
  • Users from over half the Fortune 100
  • The largest resource of computer vision datasets and pre-trained models
Empower users on any hardware
  • Deploy to the cloud
  • Deploy to the edge
  • Deploy to the browser
  • Self-hosting and enterprise deployments supported

Roboflow’s Image to Inference Pipeline

AWS helps Roboflow users achieve an entire end-to-end, image-to-inference experience for their Computer Visions workflows.
Roboflow computer vision cycleRoboflow computer vision cycle

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