Roboflow Annotate

Quickly Label Training Data and Export To Any Format

200,000+ projects use Roboflow to label 150 million+ images


Automated Labeling Powered by Segment Anything (SAM)

AI-assisted labeling for bounding boxes, polygons, and instance segmentation built for teams to work together securely in real-time

Label with Speed and Accuracy

Automatically annotate images using an existing model

Detect objects in your images and automatically apply labels

Pre-trained models are available to detect common objects in your dataset

Fast labeling workflows like keyboard shortcuts, intelligent defaults, and integrated label creation to annotate hundreds of images in minutes.

Built for Real-time Teamwork

Easily manage annotation projects for team members or outsource labelers across multiple work streams in the browser
Manage your pipeline of uploading, searching, assigning, reviewing, and approving annotations
Communication and project management made easy with progress views, labeling instructions, and notifications
Secure role-based access keeps your data safe while you add labeling capacity from within your organization or outside of your organization
Roboflow adheres to strict security and privacy standards. Our organization holds SOC2 Type 2 certification and PCI compliance.
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Tools for Every Labeling Use Case

Use bounding boxes, polygon annotations, and semantic masks for object detection, image classification, multi-label classification, and more

Label from scratch or edit existing label formats across then apply pre-processing steps to grow your dataset for improved model performance

Import from or export to 26+ available formats to build models with any architecture your problem requires without needing to relabel

Add images or video via API to automate your data pipeline and monitor the dataset health overtime with built in analytics

Fully managed labeling services

Quickly scale up labeling with a skilled workforce, advanced tools, and specialized expertise to label large datasets quickly and accurately.
Scalability: Expert labeling services allow you to handle large volumes of data without compromising quality or speed.
Cost-effectiveness: Whether for a single project or continuous workflow, utilize efficient and always available operations to keep costs low.
Expertise and Quality: Our third-party image labeling providers have extensive experience in annotating diverse datasets and possess domain-specific experts across industries.

Start labeling your training images in minutes