Luxonis OpenCV AI Kit Course

Roboflow empowers developers to build their own computer vision applications, no matter their skillset or experience. With our OAK integration, you can seamlessly deploy your models to the edge.

In this free course you will learn how to use Roboflow and the Luxonis OpenCV AI Kit to train and deploy a computer vision model on your OAK that can detect any object of interest (from packages to license plates to hand gestures, the only limit is your imagination).

Additionally, if you purchase your Luxonis device through this link you will receive three free training credits in Roboflow. Just forward your receipt to Roboflow support with your account's support key (which can be obtained in your Roboflow account settings) and we will add the credits to your account within two business days.

Video 1: Overview

An introduction to using the Roboflow computer vision pipeline for upload annotation, organization, training, and deployment to the OpenCV AI Kit.

Video 2: Upload

Adding your images to Roboflow - a dataset of images is essential to training your custom model for deployment to your OAK device.

Video 3: Annotate

Annotations inform your model of the kind of information you want it to learn to automatically extract from images in the wild.

Video 4: Organize

Dataset organization is essential to training a good model and keeping track of experiments and re-deployments.

Video 5: Train

Roboflow makes it easy to transform your annotated images into a trained computer vision model that has been prepared for deployment to your destination of choice.

Video 6: Deploy

Once your model has finished training, your model will be ready for you to start running it on the deployment destination of your choosing.

Next Steps

That's all there is to it! You're now ready to train a custom object detection model for deployment on your OpenCV AI Kit. You can get started with Roboflow for free.

Additionally, if you purchase an OAK device through this link you will get three free training credits in Roboflow; just forward your receipt to support along with your support key (which can be found in your account settings page).